Initiative to Launch a Foosball Tournament for Children with Autism

Some call it fuzball while others call it fusball. The spelling is important at this time. This is a game that involves a lot of movement and hence physically intensive. Children with autism tend to lack the psychomotor skills and this is a game that will enhance the hormones responsible for it. Although they may not do it o your expectation; it needs patience and persistence to see tangible results. Is foosball a sport. Yes, it is a sport that is yet to get inroads in most countries but they have a federation that governs its activities.

The initiative to launch a foosball game among autistic children is the best to bring people together. Parents with such children tend to shy away and in developing nations, they are discriminated as a result of the disability. The best way to make the launch successful is to publicize it such that all the stakeholders may come together for a common cause. This is an event that attracts people from various sectors. The fact that it has a sporting event then you are sure that everyone will want to take part in it.

Some of the issues that you can discuss in the launch include

• Benefits of foosball game to autistic children
• The logistics of playing the game
• When to organize the tournaments, friendlies, and competitions
• How to bring more people on board
• Diversification of the program to all nations globally

What are some of the benefits of foosball game in autistic children?

Foosball is a brain game that gives the child a reason to think of the best move to counter the opponent. This means that the brain cells of the child are stimulated through the production of endorphins to make them think better. The overall effect of this is proper cognitive development.



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An autistic child has an issue with muscle strength since they are weak. The more they stay in a position with lack of any activity then they become weaker. Foosball comes in handy to strengthen the muscles and over time they may recover from some of the symptoms related to the disability.

The fact that they have a minimal physical activity which is associated with children of their age then they are bound to have weak bones. This is a game that is vital in strengthening the bones to allow them to have an active life which generally improves their health.

Autistic children are at times stressed due to the nature of their bodies. This is common when they live or school in areas where people judge them rather than supporting them. It is therefore important for them to play the game to make them relax both in the body and mind.

The moment one lacks the motor skills then coordination is also a challenge. This is a game that enhances this skill such that over time you see a positive difference when it comes to coordination of relevant activities.

Autistic children should just be treated like any other but now with a lot of support and care to make them live a fruitful and quality life.

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