Creating Awareness to Gain Support for People on the Spectrum

Autism Awareness

Previously, there was much stigma associated with being Autistic or having a family member with the condition. However, the spread of appropriate information made people understand that there’s a place for them in the community. That’s why it’s essential to create awareness and ensure proper education on the subject continually.

Hence the need to provide resources that aid understanding of the disorder. Besides social inclusivity, we must also afford them their rights as members of our communities. Another benefit adequate awareness and education gives us is it yields better outcomes. That’s because we can help to increase their quality of life through early evaluation and therapy.

We aim to promote awareness of the disorders on the autism spectrum and their symptoms or effects. Our goal is to help improve life quality for these people and their families. Hence, we do that by organizing various means of educating individuals and communities. We also endeavor to provide adequate information for the benefit of everyone involved



She is determined not to stop us doing anything, and despite her fear of loud noises, supermarkets – for their bright lights, loud noises, she is trying so hard to come with us so we can all lead normal lives.


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What Therapies Are The Most Recommended?

Due to its nature, there isn’t any special treatment for autism or other related disorders. Instead, various therapies work together to provide the desired outcome. They include occupational therapy, psych-education, and speech and language therapy, amongst others. Depending on the individual, the treatment plan would consist of the necessary ones.

What Are The Risk Factors or Causes of This Disorder?

So far, researchers still can’t pinpoint any particular cause for autism spectrum disorders. However, some believe it’s a combination of individual biological, environmental, and genetic factors. Neurotransmitters and neuropeptides also have a part to play. Hence, there are many ongoing studies as finding out such things will impact the treatment.

How Do I Know If A Child Is On The Spectrum?

There are symptoms to look out for, mostly noticed by parents or caregivers. That’s why we advise parents to be familiar with developmental milestones. Some symptoms include repetitive behavior and social, learning and communication difficulties. However, there’s no biological method of diagnosis, but we use several screenings like the Autism Behavioral Checklist.

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