My Aspie Journey and Big Dream

by David Ellams BSc (Hons)

(Co-Founder and Director
logo.fw_1When I first started on this Journey two years ago, it was my Dream to help as many people as
possible who have Autism and Special Needs (i.e. Down’s Syndrome, Dyspraxia), to live happy,
fulfilling lives, to their full potential without any limitations. I wanted to promote healthy natural
ways of doing this, without the use of any prescription medication. I could see how Yoga,
mindfulness and relaxation techniques, totally turned my own life around in the most amazing way.
For years I was a highly strung and anxious individual, a train wreck with low self-esteem.
depression, anger issues and suffered from constant panic attacks I was someone who wore the tag
‘Asperger’s’ with a mixture of bitterness and sadness. However, I was determined to make Autism
into something positive not negative, as the mainstream press and medical fraternity like to convey.

Medication never really worked for me. I just got this sense that I was simply drugged up and
sedated. It was easy for doctors to prescribe some toxic chemicals that masked my symptoms and
helped line the pockets of the big pharmaceutical companies. It was Yoga and disconnecting with
the busy outside world, and connecting with my inner calmness and Light that really helped me. I
discovered that living a balanced life, one that involved daily relaxation and a good diet, quietened
the inner storm raging inside of me and helped with my anxiety and mood swings. Our bodies are
finely tuned instruments and we can naturally balance the body and mind, without the need for
prescription medication. Exercise and Meditation are excellent for anyone who wishes to live a
healthy and balanced life style.

Early on in my Aspie Journey, I was presented with obstacles. However such social and medical
barriers only made me stronger and my drive to succeed greater. Using meditation techniques and
Yoga, aligning with my Inner Power, I began to see my Asperger’s as a gift, not a flaw. I now saw it as
something that actually made me a unique individual, in a world where being ‘normal’ was the
accepted condition. Through meditation and exercise, you connect your energy fields with your
chakras, creating a gateway to your amazing Inner Light. I never really stepped back and took a good
look at myself early on in my life, but after practicing daily meditation and Yoga Techniques I
realised that I am a truly unique individual….not just Unique but a Genius too as many people with
ASD are too, but they just do not realise it yet, we hope to change that. We will help them with our
yoga, provide FREE training to teach everything I know about development and then offer them all
jobs to help make the flood of apps & games I have planned which will teach all of these healthy
skills to the world in a fun educational way for the whole family.

I have always been good with computers, Maths, Science and anything technical but I knew that I
could be the very best in my field, if I truly wished. The World was at my feet and I could achieve
anything I wanted to, because anything in life is possible. You just need to believe in yourself and
face life without any limiting self-defeating thoughts. I can honestly say that through self-taught
Yoga techniques and Mindfulness training, I managed to keep my Aspie symptoms under control and
at the same time honed my gifts further. I am now one of the leading all round developers (apps,
web & all software) in Europe if not the world, I am rated as the best contractor Nokia has ever seen.
I was even hired by Nokia without a face to face interview. They thought I was that good at my job.
My portfolios include work for all the big household names such as IRIS ( the UK’s number
accountancy software house), Microsoft, Natwest, RBS, TD Waterhouse, Hargreaves Lansdown, JP
Morgan, Aon, Camelot, DVLA, NHS, HMLR, DMGT, News International, BBC, European Parliament,
BP, EA, Regus, NBS, Volvo amongst many other big names listed on my Curriculum Vitae. I also have
a 1st class honors degree in Computing And Informatics and came top of my class and the degree is
rated the hardest by the University, further the School of Computing was rated one of the fifth best
in the country by The Times newspaper.

My computing expertise is in great demand. Essentially, I am a walking testament to the fact that an
‘Aspie’ can achieve great things in life….with a little self-belief and some daily Yoga, meditation &
exercise, and to never give up no matter what. One of the many positive traits of Aspergers is
determination, I never gave up no matter how hard it got, and now I wish to help people get to
where I am with a lot less effort so they do not have to suffer as I once did and then can also live
happy fulfilling life’s and be the best possible person they can be without any limitation.
I met Rupert Smith at Glastonbury on 12.12.12, for a special spiritual gathering. From the moment
we met at this special place on this magical date, I knew that it was going to be the start of not just a
good friendship but also a good professional relationship too. We both shared a passion for
meditation and exercise and we started talking about how we could use such techniques to help
people with Autism. The rest as they say is History.

It is now our mission at Yoga4Autism to offer Yoga Instructors and practitioners our unique
Spectrum Yoga Teacher Training Courses, under the guidance of qualified professionals, who have worked with Autism for many years and who have vast experience teaching Yoga. We aim to be at
the forefront of accredited Special Yoga Training and to bring our unique accredited Spectrum Yoga
Workshops into schools, classrooms and into community halls. Anywhere there is a need for Special
Yoga, Y4A will be there helping those who would benefit greatly from our Workshops.
It is also our Mission to establish Yoga Studio’s and Clinic’s in all over the country and eventually the
world to help as many people on the spectrum live happy fulfilling life’s without any limitations, and
to offer a wide range of Special Yoga courses to these individuals as well as to Carers and Parents
too. We hope that our Spectrum Yoga will help unplug people from the fast pace hectic mad world
out there and a stressed-out modern society and connect them with their inner Calmness and
Greatness. We are all Special….it’s just that some people don’t realise it yet. That’s why Yoga4Autism
is here, to help those with Autism to realise that it is not a restrictive condition, but a gift there to be
nurtured and helped towards an amazing Destiny  We wish to free their minds and unleash their
full potential!

We are offering regular FREE yoga teacher training so they can then open a Y4A branch in their
local area. We have very high demand so you will be able to run at least 5 yoga classes a week and
make excellent money out of it. We are also proud to say our yoga teachers are some of the best
in the world so we would also be sending them on future training courses for free to keep them at
the forefront of this ever expanding service. They are also fully accredited and certified. So if you
know anyone who will be interested please get in touch, we would love to hear from you so we
can get this much needed service nationwide. Please also sign up in the blue box on the home
page of our website.
Be the change you wish to see in the world…
Many thanks,
David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Founder & Managing Director
Tel: 07536088179
P.S. Can you please LIKE our Facebook page above and help spread the message far and wide so we
can help as many people with ASD as possible to live happy fulfilling life’s and allow them to be the
best possible person they can be without any limitations, thank you.

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