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StevenMonday sees the start of Anti Bullying Week, Remember to ask your kids how they are tell them it is not crime not to fit in ,you wont be disappointed if they are not the mot popular and No it is not their fault if they are being bullied. So many reports of kids suicide the parents say they had not a clue their child was being bullied. Kids do not want to disappoint and will do everything to make things look like they are ok.
Bullying destroys childhood’s and lives take a stand against it. Anna Kennedyshared with me that many children with autism are bullied and often take to the arts as a way of escape one lovely young man who is going to be a star performed to a celebrity audience a few months back. I asked how his school friend must feel he shared that he had not one friend almost broke my heart.
Bullying does not stop in childhood many adults are still suffering at work and at the hands at people who should know better . Next week if you think anyone is a victim of bullying hold out you hand and ask if you can help sometimes just listening can make a huge differences we are traditionally brought up in the UK not to share and not to express feeling it is time for that all to stop. And please all support the wonderful Anna Kennedy

Steven Smith

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