A great offer from ‘CHEWIGEM’

chewigem3It is widely recognized that many children with sensory needs find chewing a way of remaining calm during times of stress. In response to this Jenny McLaughlan created Chewigem – a selection of jewellery products designed for the mild to moderate chewer, intended to sooth and comfort children through to adults with any type of additional needs.
We’ve partnered with Chewigem for Autism Awareness Month as we believe they really benefit those in the autism community. Chewigem offer a selection of silicone products which include dog tags, tread bangles and raindrop pendants designed with comfort and coolness in mind.

You can learn more by visiting www.chewigem.co.uk

Chewigem are offering 5% off to all customers during Autism Awareness Month, plus 10% of the sale proceeds will go to AnnaKennedyOnline.

Use promo code: AAM5. Expires 1st May 2014.

‘My daughter loves it, she can chew till her heart’s content and it’s fantastic to know it is safe. Until now I have always had to go to America for such products, so even got compliments about it at school today from her friends’ – Lorraine

 ‘It is so much more discreet than other chewing tools we have used before and means it’s one less thing he stands out for’ –  Brian