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by Austin Hughes, Training Officer

Training and Raising Autism Awareness

It is sad to say that at a time when Autism is being more recognised there is still a lack of understanding and Awareness.

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Take Five!

Yes…….I admit it I’m a Jazz fan!  Don’t worry though, I’m not about to lecture you on the work of the Dave Brubeck Quartet  (unless you really want me to of course…..hmmm I just detected the Anna Kennedy “Get on with it Austin” look lol)

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Why do some services NOT do what they say on the tin ??

Usually in my articles I like to give advice, or make suggestions where I can, on things that might make life just a little bit easier for some. This one is going to be a little bit different as I am going to question something that has been popping up a fair bit lately in messages from upset  and annoyed parents.

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The other side of the fence ….

A little while ago I wrote about how Parents and carers alike should find that little bit of time to ‘chill’ when they can and ‘take 5’ from it all and how other people in society need to take time to understand exactly what it is that they all go through.

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Anna Kennedy Online is like an iceberg……under the surface it is ALL going on!

In our bid to keep the ‘Awareness of Autism’ a very current thing that is always on the rise it is important for us to always be showing the bigger news items because THEY are what attracts attention.

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