Programs for Special Children

Beyond awareness and acceptance of people on the spectrum and children with other special needs, there are ways to show support. Our organization has come up with a few programs for them, especially the children whose lives have only begun. These support programs aim to provide opportunities and foster inclusion in society. We’ll discuss them subsequently.

The Narrative Counseling Program

This program combines counseling with sharing stories. We know the power of getting the motivation to continue from hearing the experience of others. Thus, we invite adults on the spectrum in various fields to share their stories and talk to the children. We aim to boost confidence in them and help them see that the disorder can't limit certain life areas.

Autism Awareness Month

Generally, April is Autism Awareness Month, and we have a program schedule that covers it. The individual items vary each year, but we endeavor to use our platform to promote understanding and acceptance of children with autism. We add our voice with others to foster worldwide support.

Group Arts Program

Arts in healthcare is an effective form of therapy that's still emerging to the fore. Our team adopts that idea and creates a regular art program for the children. They healthily express themselves using various media like painting, drawing, or making crafts. That helps to boost coordination and get in touch with their creativity

Other Programs

We have some other programs that aren't as structured as the ones above. One of them is a regular visit to schools for such children to show our support for their work. We also have the Family Day Program, which is like an outing day for families with someone on the spectrum. Besides those, we have various online campaigns to meet other goals.

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