Anna raises awareness for ALS / MND

Anna is never one to turn her back on a challenge, so when she was nominate to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, she stepped up to the plate and does it in style!

Here in the UK we know it as motor neuron disease (MND) – a devastating and relentless illness.

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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis commonly referred to as ALS is also known as motor neuron disease (MND). The disease affects the body’s “motor neurons” – the nerve cells that control voluntary muscle movement. Primarily these cells stop working properly in people affected by ALS and causes various side effects such as involuntary muscle movements, interruption in speech, walking and eating, ultimately leading to total paralysis.

The disease however, doesn’t affect thinking or feeling, leaving sufferers with the sensation of being “locked in” or trapped in their own bodies. While the disease is quite rare, it’s effects are rapid and severe. Half the people diagnosed with ALS die within the first 24 months of diagnosis. Only 5% of people suffering ALS survive the first ten years after diagnosis. There is no known cure for ALS, however ice water baths are a common treatment in temporarily stimulating the muscles of those suffering.